What is Fit4Football?

Fit4Football is the Player Welfare department of New Zealand Football. ​​​​​​​Our aim is to help create an environment in all levels of football were players thrive through:

  • A player-centred approach to ensure that players are developed, supported and grow holistically in all areas
  • Enabling and supporting growth and development, building physically and mentally sound and strong players
  • Being proactive rather than reactive, with sound systems, processes and procedures that support players and their best interests
  • Educating coaches, parents, management, medical personnel and others around the role they play in supporting the health, safety and well-being of  players from grassroots through to high performance
  • In line with our Injury Prevention principal we have available the 11+ Kids and 11+ Youth/Adults programmes for clubs

Check out our Fit4Football website below.

To book a coach education session for one of our courses please contact:

Blair Minton
​​​​​​​Player Welfare Officer, Mainland

Phone: 027 203 9767