Competition Information - 2023

Season Start Dates:

Season dates will be confirmed in early Q1 2023.

​​​​​​​Season Breaks:

Season breaks will be confirmed in early Q1 2023.


Cup Competitions

For all end of season cup competitions, there will be outlined regulations that govern these. As a general rule of thumb, there will be NO extra time. If a draw after full time, then the game moves into a penalty shoot-out. (this does not apply to the English Cup and Reta Fitzpatrick Cup).

Junior and Youth Structure

For the 2023 season, Junior Grades will play in groups of 6 teams. Every 5 weeks (one round played) the grades will be shuffled with two teams moving up and two teams moving down in general, though sometimes this may only be one or up to three as appropriate for the teams. Groups may be split by geography which is TBC. This may be different depending on the number of entries at each band.

Youth will generally be split into divisions of 6 teams; play each other once to finish the round, and then the divisions will be regraded to ensure teams are competing in the grade-appropriate for their ability.

We will assess these grades throughout the season and make changes when required to provide appropriate levels of football for all teams.

Junior Standings and Results are not shown on the website and only kept for internal grading purposes. Junior Fixtures will be available to view through the results/fixtures page on the website.

Youth Standings and Results will be available to view through the results/fixtures page on the website.


Senior Structure​​​​​​​

Southern League and CPL have 5 substitutions from 5 substitute players.
WPL has 5 substitutions from 5 substitute players.

CWCL has rolling substitutes from 5 substitute players.

Men's Div 1 to Div 10 Leagues and Women's Sunday League have rolling substitutes from seven substitute players.

Masters have unlimited rolling substitutes.​​​​​​​

2023 Competition Structure

Kick off Times are TBC for the 2023 season.

GradePlaying TimeStart TimeBreakEnd TimeField SizeA-SideSubsRollingBall Size
Seniors2 x 45 mins2:30pm10 mins4.10pmSenior115Yes5
19th Boys2 x 45 mins10:45am10 mins12.25pmSenior115Yes5
17th Boys2 x 40 mins12:30pm10 mins2:00pmSenior115Yes5
16th Girls2 x 40 mins10:45am10 mins12.15pmSenior115Yes5
15th Boys2 x 40 mins9:15am5 mins10.40amSenior115Yes5
14th Girls2 x 35 mins9:15am5 mins10.30amSenior115Yes5
14th Boys2 x 35 mins10:45am5 mins12.00pmSenior115Yes5
13th Boys2 x 35 mins9:15am5 mins10.30amSenior115Yes4
12th Girls2 x 30 mins10:50am5 mins11.55amIntermediate94Yes4
12th Boys2 x 30 mins10:50am5 mins11.55amIntermediate94Yes4
11th Girls2 x 25 mins9:30am5 mins10.25amJunior73Yes4
11th Boys2 x 25 mins9:45am5 mins10.40amIntermediate93Yes4
10th Girls2 x 25 mins10:30am5 mins11.25amJunior73Yes4
10th Boys2 x 25 mins9:30am5 mins10.25amJunior73Yes4
9th Mixed2 x 25 mins10:30am5 mins11.25amJunior7N/AYes


Please note some individual grades may play at different times to above, e.g CUDL grades.

Post-Season Competition Meeting Minutes 2022